Posted: April 12, 2015 in MUSIC AUDIO


 JTown’s Rap MC #Vayne got His City nodding Like…, #EuclidFlow Featuring #Suranu is one that is sure to get you inquisitively curious. ‘Who’s rapping? Who’s not?’ With a crisp slick choppy flow, they rode the instrumental like seasoned pros, comfortably. It’s easy on the ear drums listening to Emcees stay in pocket, adept at cadence and delivery. With a lot of intricate multi-rhymes being utilized, this is Hiphop from artistes with a good grasp of the rap art. A breath of fresh air in an environment crowded by low rap IQ.
 In being adept at aural aesthetics, they sacrificed clarity, leaving fans reaching to connect wanting more.
This could well be the misunderstood creativity of lyrical ingenuity. As far as first impressions go, I’ve dropped my ears on speakers, Vayne and Suranu got my attention.



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